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My name is Maria Kvilhaug, and I am an historian of religions. I graduated with a master degree in Old Norse mythology and initiation rituals. My master dissertation was the later published work “The Maiden with the Mead – A Goddess of Initiation in Old Norse Myths?”

I run the youtube-channel Earth Mythic Library under the username LadyoftheLabyrinth, which is inspired by the Minoan term “Labyrinthos Potnia”. Labyrinths and labyrinth games and legends with a lady/maiden in the middle abounded in Scandinavian prehistory.

CLARIFICATIONS: NORSE MYTHS WERE CREATED A THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE HITLER GOT SHAT INTO THIS WORLD. HENCE THESE MYTHS AND LEGENDS AND THE ENTIRE NORSE CULTURE AND HEATHEN RELIGIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HITLER OR ANYTHING REMOTELY ASSOCIATED WITH HIM! Because of that fool (above, wont even have to re-write that name) who abused Norse symbols and myths for his own sick ideology, we who research Old Norse Heathenism, myths and legends are sometimes suspected of being racist or fascist even when that is not in any way the case. I am NOT racist and NOT racist-friendly. I know I have followers of many kinds but as long as I am not confronted with particular incidents I cannot take responsibility for who likes my work or not – I know that I have never said or written anything that could be interpreted as such. I have absolutely no “racial” issues whatsoever and I really dont give a XXXX about where anybody is from and what they look like (unless they are attractive, that might just alert my interest). I take an historical and spiritual approach to Old Norse myths and legends and consider them on the line with Buddhist, Hindu and classical philosophical scriptures, part of a pan-human Heritage.  If I talk about cultural roots and ancestral roots, it is because such roots matter to all people wherever they are from. Those who are secure in their roots and their identity will never need to feel threatened by or look down on the roots and identities of others.

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  1. John Bjork says:

    Hello, I am writing because of some experiences that I am trying to understand and i hope you may be able to help. Last April an artery in my brain ruptured and I was taken to the hospital. I remember seeing my wife speak with the doctors and everything seemed to fall away from me and go black. Then there was sunlight, in in the sunlight the form of a woman and I knew it was Freja. She told me “No harm will come to you.” and then I felt the sunlight on my body. There was a surgery and afterwards my said the doctors told her I would wither die, be paralyzed or brain damaged. I did not die and have suffered no problems. I continue to have dreams that seem to guide me and my relationship with my wife has become more loving, intimate, understanding and gentle. I feel Freja with me and am drawn to her. I am grateful for any help you may offer. Beste Hilsen, John Bjork

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      All I can see is that you have been and are blessed. The goddess came to you, reassured you, and she – or your vision of her – was healing to you. One Edda poem describes the lady wearing the name Menglöd, “Invitation to Blend”, where she is seated on the Mountain of Medicine, a mountain that will heal anyone who ever climbs it and sacrifices to her. The goddess may be a real presence, or may represent something to you, and the association with the sun is also an association to illumination, healing and the soul. And then there is love. Love was strengthened after the experience, and Freya surely is love. Love bless, Maria

  2. David Keyworth says:

    Love your articles and your videos, keep up the good work! I completed my doctoral studies on vampire folklore, I’d love to hear your take upon the undead-corpses (draugr) that seem to crop up quite frequently in the Sagas.

  3. Dan Osarchuk says:

    What a great site and resources. Thanks for creating them, Maria.


  4. Neil says:

    Hello. I am writing to see if we could talk one on one via email in regards to the Norse religion. I don’t have many resources where im at and all the people I run into seem to think I am joking. If you would please email me at the above email. Thanks

    • Mary Hill says:

      The best book of the many I have read is in English. I got it through Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk, since it’s not translated into Spanish. It is by Galina Krasskova, the Editorial is New Page Books, and the title is “Exploring the Northern Tradition: A guide to the Gods, Lore, Rites and Celebrations from the Norse, German, and Anglo-Saxon Traditions”. Simply look up “Exploring the Northern Tradition”, by this author. For me the book is pure gold.
      Happy Yule,

      Mary from Spain

  5. Gabriel says:

    I would like to donate because I know the time you have put in will help many.
    I am one of them, I continue to try and find out the lore, history, culture and other things about the nordic life, however, just like with my studdies of christianity, pegan, wika and others I find there is something missing, they are altered and only shadows of the truth. I found your video expressing the same thing. Please contact me I have a few questions for you.

    Thank you,

  6. Ciao Maria,
    I want to compliment you on your website and youtube channel too, and to thank you for all resources and information.
    I have a question about Old Norse pronunciation. I’d like to know if there is a video or mp3 where I can hear the Poetic Edda as it was handed down. Is there a video of your own or elsewhere where I can hear that Poem?
    Thank you in advance, looking forward to the release of your book

  7. http://onpoint.wbur.org/2012/11/06/song-of-the-vikings
    you might be interested in this radio program with Nancy Marie Brown, author of Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths.

  8. Mary Hill says:

    Hello, Maria!

    Mengloth, is actually an Etin whose Aesir equivalent is Eir, the divine physician and healer. And to the rest of you, if I can ask you all to help me ask the gods and goddeses to cure my mother of medullar cancer, I’d be so happy. I’m energetically so low because of stress (chakras depleted, aura almost inexistent), that I cannot practice Reiki II on her or on anyone.
    Let Freya and the Gods bless anyone who can help me with this.
    And happy Yule!

    Mary from Spain

  9. Mary Hill says:

    Your page is absolutely wonderful, and I will definitely bookmark it. I’d like to make a small donation (small because I am completely unemployed) but you don’t have to send me the hamaval translations at all. I already have the Poetic Eddas. I just want to help you with your good work. If I had more time (with my mother’s terrible cancer, and me having to take care of her constantly — I hardly have time to check email), I would restart the home course on Norwegian (what a beautiful language it is!). Let’s see if better times come!

    Happy Yule to you!

    Mary from Spain. Jeg er spansk og fra (I don’t remember how to say the U. S. of America)

  10. Alan says:

    Hi maria or anyone who can help.
    Do you have imore information on a morning star goddess connected with a mimir well celebrated on both equinoxes, but primarily spring. Well was surrouned with rune stones. Site is under church and guarded. Riots persisted till 1880′s from locals wishing to celebrate. Real site is hidden under one of three churches. Goddess stands in a ravine and light emmits. Maria seems to be based on her.
    Site has a pages field adjorning it. Near Durstede.

  11. Ole Martin Rønning says:

    Jeg og mange andre, mener alle de labyrintene vi finner i Skandinavia, er Norrøne. Jeg har selv besøkt Solovki for 20 år siden, og fått forklart av en historieprofessor fra Arkangelsk at disse kommer fra en neolittisk kultur. Senere har norske sameforskere vært der, og sagt at dette er samisk. Det merkelige er at når jeg var på tur til ei elv som heter Varzina på nordkysten av Kolahalvøya, ble jeg vist en helt lik labyrint, og den var nokså urørt. Det finnes også en på Slettnes i Gamvik kommune, men den har jeg ikke sett. Det som slår meg er at de alle er svært like. Den som ligger ved Snefjell på island er også med samme mønster. Der kan det umulig vært samer og bygget den.
    Jeg mener den eneste fellesnevneren her er Vikinger som var overalt på sine ferder, og at vi her snakker om svært gammel norrøn kultur. Hva mener du? Jeg er kun amatør med interesse for norsk historie.

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Les John Craft: “The Goddess in the Labyrinth” – han viser til myter, legender of ritualer i forbindelse med de mange skandinaviske labyrintene. De er helt klart endel av den norrøne arven, inspirert av andre kulturer helt tilbake til bronsealderen.

  12. Krista says:

    Greetings Maria,
    Wonderful site. I appreciate so much your knowledge and unique insight into Myth. I’m wondering, you have delved so deeply into the Mead and Soma Myth’s, what role does the honey bee play in the Mead/Soma Myths? Also, have you studied the ancient bee goddesses or priestesses such as the Melissa & Deborah’s? What of the possible remenants of a Bee Goddess connected to Artemis, Cybele, Aphrodite, Freyia and also the recent bee goddess like effigies in the burial finds at Elutherna? Will you write about such findings in the future?
    Thank you for any insights!

  13. Drew Nelson says:

    I appreciate the wonderful work you’re doing. You have an ability to clearly communicate that is unusual among academicians. Thank you for your efforts.

  14. Camilla says:

    Hej Maria,
    Jeg elsker alt det du skriver om.
    I am going to continue my studies in cultural anthropology, folklore, and mythology at UT Austin in the fall and your work is very inspiring to me as a Danish American. I would really love to be in contact with you when I start doing my research.

  15. Dave says:

    I must compliment you madam, you seem to be among the rarest of people; Intelligent, Very Beautiful, and spiritually strong. Your voice is music. Your words so meaningful. Thank you!

  16. Gunnar Steinarsson says:

    Heyrðu Maria, þetta er alveg frábær netsíða… Enn bókin þín “The seed of Yggrasill” er algjör snilld. Allt þetta gerir þú bara á laun, ekki eitt orð til kóngs né prest. – Það hefði ég ekki gert heldur. Þakka þér innilega fyrir framlagið og vona að þetta verði eins vel tekið á móti eins og það á skilið. Ég veit að þú skilur það sem ég hef hripað hérna niður, þó að þetta sé óttalega nútímalegt fjas í mér. Takk..

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Hei Gunnar! Neimen er det deg! Jeg greier ikke svare deg på Islandsk men tusen takk for støtten!

  17. David says:

    Hi Maria,

    first, im really a fan of your work but i discovered, i think, a slight mistake – correct me if i am wrong but you translated one of Odins names Fjölnir as “One – Mane” as fjöll is many and nir – you said – was the article for singular. In old norse thats not true. -nir is the ending first person plural article. example vikingr – vikingrinn – vikingar, vikingarnir.

    So fjölnir would be the many in terms of “many many” ofc “the one who is many” still applys as it describes a single person but the article is plural not singular.

    And a suggestion follows – the “spear” god of bronze age is identified as Odin, the hammer / axe god as thor – ok i agree here as they are clearly attributes of those 2.
    But Swordgod = Freyr? i do doubt that for some reasons

    1. The sword is more a symbol of Tyr, Freyr would more likely be represented by a boar.
    2. Tyr was the “father of gods” and god of war for ancient germanic people being most important.
    3. Tyr is the “swordgod” as he is the tribal patron of the saxons named saxnot – and the sax is sort of a sword.
    4. We have a death god (Odin) a protection god (Thor) a fertility godess (Sun) and than? Another fertility god (Freyr)? Why? A god of war and justice (Tyr) makes more sense than a second fertility god
    5. Tyr – more ancient tiu / ziu is close to Zeus – according to the statement that germanics may have originated in Troja its very likely that Tyr is more ancient than freyr.

    At least that is my idea – what do you think of it?

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  19. Donald says:

    HI Maria,

    I know you spoke at the ARC Convention 2012 in Bath, UK, but I can’t find any DVDs or links to see the talk.
    By the way, I look forward to reading your book. I am waiting for an email from the publisher when another printing is done.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Donald in Tokyo, Japan
    PS. I know Henrik at Red Ice Radio has tried to get an interview with you. I think it would be a good way to get the message out about your book.
    Be blessed!

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Thank you Donald. would gladly be interviewed by Red Ice Radio, but they never returned to me after their first request, when I said yes. :)

  20. sejdaren says:

    Har precis börjat kolla dina videor och kommer köpa boken nästa månad. Verkligen intressant än så länge och mer i linje med vad jag själv tänkt eller erfarit om våran mytologi. Tar du upp Tors fisketur efter midgårdsormen? Har haft mycket funderingar själv om den historien…känns ju nästan som Tor sökte efter nirvana om han vill fiska upp det som höll världen samman…symbolen för begäret …en orm som äter sig själv…den budistiska livscykeln med återfödsel osv

  21. Kari says:

    I love your site!!!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and academic scholarship on this subject. I specialized in Norse Mythology while in school and you have done something wonderful here by sharing your knowledge.

  22. Freyja Faraday says:

    The Oseberg Priestess Burial – A Viking Age Mystery

    Though I am flattered that you have used my picture at 01.57 I wish you had asked my permission before taking it. All my photos are copyrighted. http://www.freyjafaraday.com/media.php

  23. Joh says:

    Hello Maria!

    Thank you for your wonderful and informative site.

    If you find the time, could you credit the music from your video “The Death of Balder Part 1: Odin’s Ride to Hel”

    It is very beautiful and moving. I would love to know the name of the artist.

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Yes, the music is from a band that no longer exists, it was called Ehwas. It consisted of several musicians – some of whom are still active, you may find them on FB or something, like Kjell Braaten and Tor Egil Braaten, as well as my own brother Thomas Kvilhaug, and the members of “Skvalthr” (including the Braaten brothers, I think). I believe Kjell Braaten still has some CDs to sell, at least he had some when I met him this summer. I know my brother sold out a long time ago.

  24. Ashara says:

    I am immensely in awe of the expanse of knowledge you have presented here on your site. Your strong stance on freeing these stories is truly a gift. I agree with you entirely in relation to your belief in all of us being human and the soul being a critical component. Your soul shimmers and expounds with curiosity and luminosity. Thank you for following your path even when it gets really bumpy! This knowledge is empowering. ~A~

  25. sejdaren says:

    försökte beställa din bok… :( men ena sidan(bokförlaget) tillåter bara paypall vilket jag vägrar att använda. och amazon har inte din bok tillgänglig :(

    finns den någon annanstans att få tag på?

  26. kamilla says:

    hei maria, stor fan jeg og min kjære her hjemme i trondheim.
    jeg har vært interisert i vikinger og norønt siden jeg var vel en 7-8 år gammel og jeg lurte på om du har noen somhelst informasjon om bryllups ritualene til vikingene, eller hvordan ofringene til freia skjedde?..
    jeg og min kjære forlovede skal nemelig gifte oss sommeren 2015 og vil gjøre det i vikinger stil!
    grunnen til at jeg vil vite om ofringene til freia er fordi freia er en av mine favoritter og er ekstremt interisert i å vite slikt!
    og jeg skal kjøpe alt av dine bøker etter jeg får en stabil jobb, de som kommer og de som har kommet.
    jeg elsker at noen som deg er så flink til å forklare og vis menneskene en del av noens fortid.
    jeg gleder meg til å ha sett ferdig vær av dine youtube videor.
    klem kamilla

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Hei Kamilla, jeg tror du bør ta kontakt med foreningen Forn Sed, de arrangerer bryllup, tror jeg! Eller vet jeg at søstra til en venn av meg som heter Kjell Braaten giftet seg på vikingvis, så du kan prøve ta kontalt med han via FB og høre om han vet hvem du bør henvende deg til! Mvh Maria

  27. Lee J Robinson says:

    Hello Maria Kvilhaug.
    I am sorry if this is a bother for you. I live in Australia and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of someone who is willing to check a couple Old Norse translations for me. It is only four words all up that I want translated and I would be willing to pay for the time. This is for my first novel and is important to me. I would rather a professional help me so that I know it is right rather than just consult an internet Old Norse to English dictionary. I did email a university, but they did not get back to me. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Your friend
    Lee J Robinson

  28. Bo Lindgren says:

    Hej Maria,
    Mange tak for dit arbejde og denne webpage, som jeg først nu har opdaget.
    Jeg har altid følt, at der manglede en seriøs og forskning/formidling baseret portal omkring vores før-kristne tro, kultur og samfund. Selvom jeg naturligvis er et rationelt tænkende individ kan jeg i høj grad relatere til de værdier, der kan forbindes til denne tid.
    Et forslag kunne være at supplere med en linksamling til andet informativt materiale om samme emne.
    F.eks. disse forelæsninger af Prof. Niel Price: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVUVc-BygpWnKNfrP1-x4LiHSO3ZV50yN
    Mvh. Bo

  29. John Lash says:

    Hello Maria
    I am just starting to watch you on YouTube and look into your site. You have done tremenous work and it looks pretty sober to me, yet reaching the genuine mystical truths, also. Thanks for your thoroughness, clarity, and dedication. I have loved Norse myth and skaldic lore all my life, wishing to hear it recited as you do.! I am a comparative mythologist, American, living 22 years in Europe, and dedicated to the revival of the pan-european indigenous traditions. My book, Not in His Image (2007) is considered a manifesto of goddess revival and as well, the coup de grace of patriarchal religion. May I send you a copy? regards, JLL

  30. Henri Bloxham says:

    I am awed by the knowledge and enthusiasm that you display regarding your work. I noticed that you mentioned monetary delays in publishing your works. I would like to talk to you regarding some options for publishing that you may not be aware of. I am very interested in your work and would like to participate in bringing it to fruition. I have a small publishing company, but I am very resourceful. I look forward to hearing form you.

  31. thomas says:

    Takk for dette utrolig dype og nøye arbeidet.. Jeg har en følelse av at du er inne på den rette sti. Jeg håper folk og andre krefter tar til seg dine tolkinger og forståelse..

  32. Dear Maria,

    I have recently begun reading your excellent published dissertation, ‘The Maiden with the Mead’.

    On page 85 you write, ‘The Mimameidr has a special attribute: its seeds may be thrown on a fire, to relieve women sick during pregnancy, and in order to see what has been hidden. It is generally acknowledged that Mimameidr is another name for Yggdrasill.’ (with a reference to S & S.)

    I have a question related to a paper I am researching: Henbane seeds are known to produce altered states of mind when their smoke is inhaled. Such henbane seeds have been found on völva bodies (e.g. in Fyrkat). Is it possible that Mimameidr could be henbane (even though the latter is a flower rather than a tree)? Thus is it conceivable that Yggdrasil is henbane (or some other vision-inducing) plant?

    I would truly value your thoughts – if you had time to respond I would be grateful.

    Kind regards,


  33. Jude says:

    HI wonder if you can help me here.

    I am trying to do a timeline for Queen Asa. Research tells me she was buried in 834 AD and that she was the elder of the two women in the Oseberg ship being about 80 yrs old. Also that her son Halfdan the Black was born in c. 810 – which would make her around 55 yrs old when she gave birth! Or was she the younger female which would make sense at as she would be around 50 yrs old at time of burial and giving birth in 810 at the age of 26…

    Most sources say that the older woman is Queen Asa and the younger (from the Black Sea area) was her slave.

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Yes! And most Sources are WRONG! As you are pointing out, and many have pointed out before you, Asa could not possibly have been one of the women in the grave. No way. But the notion was proposed back in 1918 when the burial was excavated and that notion stuck because it fit so well with the building of a Norwegian national idenity (Asa was the grandmother of Norways first sole king, Harald Harfagri, and thus grandmother to the Norwegian nation). Asa certainly knew the women of that grave because she was contemporary with them and lived in that area, but the women were older than her and likely some sort of priestesses for a religious cult. I have a youtube video with a little more suggestions as to what this really was. Read Anne-Stine Ingstad and Gunhild Røthe on the subject. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glj8of3BGZo

  34. Donald Dean says:

    Hello Maria,

    It was a long wait, but I finally got a copy of your book Seed of Yggdisil.
    I read through the contents and introduction and look forward to reading through the rest.
    I am of Swedish / German decent and am a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I have studied Celtic myths, but I really longed to study more of the Norse myths.

    I really want to say thank you for all of your work. I know you have not done it to make money. The Northern and Germanic people of the world really need a spiritual healing and I believe you are a very important part of our people finding our way.
    By finding our own way we can help others…no mater where they are from or what people / race they belong to.
    You cannot love others until you understand and love yourself.
    We as Europeans need to find our heritage and learn to love ourselves, so we can it turn find a new found respect in the similarities and differences in other peoples spirituality.
    May you be blessed and the gods and goddesses smile upon you!!!

  35. Paul says:

    Although my own interest in Norwegian history is mainly pointed into the witchcraft trials in the Finnmark, your site and publications are always a great pleasure to read. As you undoubtedly know, it is always a tough thing to find reliable information and sources on the net and as to that your work is highly appreciated.

    The music of the promotional clip you published this week on YT consists the first 77 seconds of “Voluspa”, by yourself and Rogerio Nunes. Would you grant me permission to incorporate those 77 seconds in one of my upcoming (dark ambient) soundmixes ? Of course with acknowledgements and a link to your site.

    I mellomtiden, fra bunnen av mitt hjerte, tusen takk

    Paul van Dijk

  36. Stuart says:

    I am listening to your Red Ice interview today, and am reminded so much of the Vedrus culture as related by Anastasia to Vladimir Megre, and retold in his ‘Ringing Cedars of Russia’ series. She cites this ancient people as the root of Vedic, Greek, and Norse cultures, and their domain was the northern arboreal forests, the Taiga.
    The stories she tells are both heart-breaking and deeply incendiary, and seems to have turned on some long hidden dna within me.
    I look forward to reading your books.

  37. Tracy says:

    Hi Maria
    I am interested in using ancient rituals to overcome infertility. I am particularly interested in the Norse or Viking symbols and rituals.
    Can you help me please?

    Thank you

  38. Hi Maria

    First of all congrats for your work. It is very well researched ……There is some evidence of pre-Vedic Sanskrit in Malta….is there any link to Norse mythology ? Could Norse mythology decode the mysteries of Malta? ….Project Camelot is planning an expedition to Malta in October…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QadmawdvlEc

    Best regards from Sunny Malta

  39. Gus Larroyo says:

    Hello Maria. I´m a musician and history of art student from México interested in antropologycal themes and mythology. I accidentally discover your page looking for a traslation of the lyics of the Wardruna´s song. I like all the content of your site. Congrats.

  40. Ivar Nielsen says:

    Kære Maria,

    Allerførst en STOR tak for læsningen af dit værk ”The Seeds of Yggdrasil” som jeg nyder at studere.

    Så vil jeg spørge om du er bekendt med dette 2 binds etymologiske, mytologiske og kosmogoniske værk, “Night of the Gods”, part 1-2, af John O´Neill?

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Begge bind kan købes via linket – og bind 1 kan også læses online eller downloades som en PDF fil på denne link – https://archive.org/details/nightgods00unkngoog

    Håber du har det godt og nyder dig selv og Skabelsen i fulde drag.


  41. Robert Arnold says:

    I am from America but I was born in Germany …you very hypnotic in your stories and sagas , I remember my Grandmother used to tell me some of tales very eerie how just a few names you spoke triggered these memories, even though I didn’t remember until I watched your videos I had a flashback to childhood ..my grandmother had very strong roots in belief in a goddess ,but she also could not speak strong English,(all I could understand even though my ancestors were from Germany for 100s of years ,,) she had a strong intuition and could tell you something that would happen and it would …she used to say this intuition (I forgot what she called this gift “) helped her stay alive during both world wars and she had many very close calls during both wars , she had that gift of knowing things, she knew exactly who was at her door , who would come, she told me just a few days before I broke my arm ..to be careful of broken bones in the next week and was holding the arm I did break. my mother didn’t seem to have inherited these gifts ,but then she went through WW2 very shook up and nervous ,but my grandmother kept her protected with her Intuitive gifts on many occasions , she would know danger before it happened …….I am following your stories as much as I can ..because seeing your video brought me this strange feeling that I seem to know these stories …that I really find uncanny …because 1 I never could understand my grandmother that well and 2 . I cant explain why any of your stories would sound familiar ….

  42. Holly Paige says:

    Hello Maria, I am new to your work and fascinated. I particularly like your piece about the female inciter. Also I am interested to hear that The Eddas contain knowledge of pagan initiation. i recently visited Iceland and fell in love with this land. I first heard of you through John Lash who has been linking to your work. There are people in his network who are beginning to pay attention to your work because of this. Have you read Not in HIS Image by John? It is about sacred ecology and the pagan mysteries.
    I work with natural nutrition as an aid to reconnecting with the Goddess, and becoming comfortable in ourselves, which I think is one of our most paramount tasks in the current situation. I feel like I am part of living myth that takes us into the future. I am looking forward to exploring more of your work. My other website is http://www.foodforconsciousness.co.uk.
    Thank you for reading!
    Holly Paige

  43. Mati Faane says:

    Hei Maria,

    jeg er i ferd med å starte et prosjekt, viet til å spre informasjon om moderne tolkning av norrøn tro og religion på norskt språk. På grunn av din ekspertise på dette området ønsker jeg å spørre deg om du kunne tenke deg å bidra med din kunnskap.

    Gjerne ta en titt på hjemmesiden min og si meg hva du tenker. Jeg hadde satt veldig stor pris på ethvert bidrag, om det så kun er for å introdusere prosjektet for et bredere publikum eller gi noen små tips.


    På forhånd takker jeg av all hjertlighet.

    XX Mati

  44. I lived in the USA and in June had an experience with almost being crushed by a vehicle and then had an experience with what I have found here on your blog. This is the first blog I’ve found that is detailed, thank you for writing it. I think my father’s side of the family is from the Scandinavian area. I met and interacted with my fylgja and she is with me. She went walking with me and talked to me. I also met a lot of other beings with her, I’m assuming elfish? That’s what they looked like. She said she helped my grandmother cross over and many other things. It really is incredible and unbelievable how deep our roots go in life and how thankful we should be for every day. Many blessings to you! Marlon

  45. Greetings! In your studies, have you happened across references for the role of a Godhi during the Viking Age? I am trying to gather information on their daily life and responsibilities, what they would have worn, and how they would have lived. Thank you!

  46. Nestor Rodriguez says:

    Hello Maria Kvilhaug,

    I am writing to express words of support for you and your great work. It is deeply disturbing to me to find any reference to the toxic ideologies that pervade our planet with relation to your work. I was only alerted to this by the response you have posted on your site. The work you have accomplished cannot be anything but praised for it’s deep insights, which offer a profound access to a part of humanity’s spirtitual and shamanistic past. Speaking from my own experience, you have opened an entire world of sacred narratives that offer great wisdom and understanding. From this understanding, people may find links and connections that unite us to each other and the wider universe. I personally have no direct Nordic heritage. Yet, your work has opened my mind and heart to the ancient wisdom of the Norse, in a way that I can relate to and unite it with my own spiritual understandings. Reading “The Seed of Yggdrasill” was like very much like taking a sip from the prescious mead of memory. The mead that will renew your life and make you remember who you really are. Your work is crucial to humanity’s collective recovery of our spiritual heritage. Please know that your work is deeply appreciated. It stands bright and shining like the mead serving maiden and can not be tainted by the corruptive forces that try to limit and divide people. You make a wonderful observation from the myth about Ottarr, who seeks his heritage. “There is no racism in Old Norse Mythology. Or as Hyndla says: They (every lineage in the world) are all your kind, Ottarr of the narrow mind.”

    Maria, may the guardian of Heaven, Heimdallr protect you and your work.

    Seeking Freyadomr-Freedom

  47. Mike Scruggs says:

    I came across your websites by accident. I have been writing a series of articles on the Teutoburg Forest massacres in northwestern Germany in 9 AD and decided I need to know more about one of the tribes mentioned by some writers, the Agrivarrii. I appreciated the additional information, but I was delighted with your your websites. I particularly love to hear you recite Old Norse poetry and enjoy your lectures on Scandinavian mythology. I write mostly non-fiction, but I have been working on some fiction, or perhaps fantasy fiction, centered in ninth century Norway. I am a retired stock broker and military veteran, but write under Mike Scruggs, Leonard M. Scruggs, and a few pen-names. Anyway, I absolutely love your recitations and lectures and will continue to refer to them for research.

    kindest regards,

    Mike Scruggs
    Hendersonville, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  48. Ilka Tampke says:

    Hello there,
    I was very interested in your post about the cult of Mothers in Iron Age. Do you have any further sources or information about this?
    With love

  49. Lars Koch says:


    Jeg skal på min første “Vision Quest” imorgen og skulle se hva jeg kunne finne om det på YouTube. Så fantastisk å finne en video fra deg om “Vision Quest” i norrønsk mytologi! Jeg bor for tiden i USA og lurer på om det er folk eller organisasjoner som driver med eller tilbyr kurs om “Vision Quests” in Norge.
    Jeg skal se mere på din webside når jeg kommer tilbake.

    Hilsen, Lars

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  51. Jon Turner says:

    Dear Maria, I’ve watched a few of your vids, fantastic stuff. Recently I’ve been looking into the electrical theories of Nicola Tesla as interpreted by electrical engineer Eric Dollard. A few months ago I came across a British metal detectorist who dug up a golden Thor hammer pendant from a forest in Germany. The pendant design struck me as a direct mapping (isomorphism) to the electrical circuit models discussed by Tesla and Dollard. In other words Thor’s hammer encodes a true representation of how the magnetic and dialectric fields operate in nature. I’m thinking of writing a short paper on it. More details if you’re interested. Keep up the good work it’s fantastic stuff you’re doing. Jon Turner, UK

  52. Emily Dishman says:

    Serendipity brought me to find your talks on youtube as I have been researching my ancestral heritage in America and from mostly Scandinavian roots beginning in the US in the early 1600′s. Specifically, I was looking for pre-hierarchical, inclusive spirituality of my ancestors as I was raised in a very oppressive Christian environment that never seemed to match literally the messages I found in the parables at an early age as it was the only spiritual path offered to me. I have always been spiritual and have been seeking great wisdoms that I felt an intuitive response to: Eastern Mythology, Native American, Indigenous Peoples and have fallen in love with quantum physics as it seems to use scientific logic to generate these fundamental universal Wisdoms and Truths. As I began studying ancient European Goddess cultures, much of my idealism from childhood to current connected with Pantheistic culture and I have connected similar dots as you, but without the education and culture of our pre-hierarchical ancestors. THANK YOU for sharing your passion and learned Lessons/Wisdoms and how fortunate I feel to have found your work, and that I can understand it as it is in english. I just finished The Hammer of Greatness BLADE HONER and was blessed by the sacredness you share for warrior women and our collective journey. Is it possible to purchase MP3 or similar recordings of your lectures in order? I am going on a journey and would really enjoy listening to them on the way. I have just purchased each of your books and consider them treasures. A book I wonder if you might also enjoy is Daughters of Copper Woman, by Anne Cameron. It is a quick history of an indigenous tribe in the Puget Sound, a very Northern area of the West coast of the united states. This is a tribe of the Sacred Feminine and their experience with male dominated hierarchical oppressors and the sacred Wisdoms that they passed on through women to the last woman of their clan who was “Old Woman” at age 12. Again thank you so much for sharing your work and passion. My journey has brought me to yet another path where in my first steps, a great wind has blown my hair back. :) If possible to purchase sound recording of your lectures, I am very interested. And happy to share some of my poetry with you. In gratitude, Emily Elaine

  53. Nyki says:

    I don’t know if you still check this page and the messages that are left here for you, but I would very much like to thank you. I do not think I stumbled upon your video lectures on YouTube by accident….and after watching one or two I was hooked. I’ve now watched 9 of them and I’m finally taking a break to process everything. Anyway, a little about me….I’m a woman and I live in New York, I was struck with a debilitating disease about 7 years ago and since I can’t do much else, I have continued to thrive by embracing my love of writing and literature/film. Odd things have happened over the last few years (much you may find silly and/or funny), but one thing led to another and brought me to Norse Religion. I have yet to completely understand the reasons behind it all, but it has been a significant journey for me to say the least.
    I’m not even entirely sure as to why I’m contacting you, other than to thank you….I’ve only scraped the surface as to how many contributions you have made and how much more I stand to gain by following your work. Which is something I am really looking forward to!
    I do hope that one day I get the opportunity to communicate with you, but regardless, I just want you to know that you have touched my life in a meaningful way. Thank you.

  54. Ragbir Singh says:

    Since long I was interested to learn about ancien Indo-European culture and religion especially of Northern Europe, then I felt the need of Faith and Religion in my life.
    As my grandparents originate in the four corners of Europe french – flemish catholic
    And greeck-Bulgarian orthodox christian my main attraction became naturally the Proto-Indo-Europeans but the only faiths that I did known relatively well were germanic and hiduism so naturally I did go to do some meditation and observation in isolate Oak grove and practice at home my own vertion of Agnihotra burning small wood and butter and reading translation of the Rigveda in total isolation with no contact to like minded people in these preinternet time but still looking for the religion the closest to the original IE . Then in 1984 I came to learn about Sikhism . Learning more about the Sikhs I realised that Sikhism was what I was looking for : 1 In accord with my scientific approach .
    2 entirely Indo-European .
    3 Keeping the IE warrior tradition.
    So I became a Sikh having faith in the nihang sanatan Sikhism. Still I learn as much as I can and love Asatru but even more proto-IE faith so I try to understand Asatru from a pan-Indo-European and Proto-Indo-Europeans point of view.
    So what seems odd to me in the Edda and viking time is the shriking of Tyr from IE Deiuwos the supreme sky God to the germanic Tiwas concern with justice, oath, truth ,respect of the law and just war giving victory to the righteous ,concerned with righteousness (Darma) to a simple auxiliary war God ,Odin becoming the Allfather.
    Maby I’might wrong but It seem to me that the GINNUNG is the One supreme unmanifest and manifest reality.

  55. Dremme says:

    Initiering, initation, DNA. The DNA moves 5 up and 3 down.
    Women let the man in and then a new being is born. It is induction, as electricity. Excitation of nerves into climax. Mead to loose the societal inhibitions and then skalding or impregnation which makes the women essential. The woman brings out the mating function in the man, therefore skalding which is the human version of bird singing. If you excite the brain of the human female she will surrender and open the doors to eternity which is birth, genetic procreation. The lock is her inner disposition, ie her trigger mechanisms.

    Mushrooms seem to be more genetically like humans than for instance flowers. The spiritual quest into the realms beneath the high voltage consciousness into the less voltage subconsciouss processes. Just as you need high voltage and current to create a welding spark, you need higher voltage to create a visible universe. with less current and voltage you reach the dream world, unmanifest but real. Potentialities.

    The riddles are created in the unconscious and manifest themselves into higher voltage form. A idea manifested in paper, or a crude aggregation of atoms as ink on paper. The idea could be just a few bits long in the unconscious realm, but in the manifest realm you need billions of atoms and molecules to make the same idea appear as ink on paper or pixels on a computer screen.

    Therefore the real universe needs much less space and much less time – inner.
    Whereas the manifest universe demands much more space and time which is matter – quarks, atoms, molecules, aggregates.

    You children have been warned.

  56. Dear Mary,

    Thank you so much for ypur work.
    You help me understand so much more. Go deeper into the myths and become a better storyteller.
    I have a question: In the end of the story about Freyr initation he ‘s desperate about the nine nights. But there is no further story about this, it there?
    For me in a way it makes complete sence. Freyr not meeting Gerd or Freya yet. Freyr lives in our emotional field , does he not… ? The higher self kind of feelings. That’s how I experience him.

    Blessings Philip Aswind

  57. Don says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your work. What you have done is so amazing
    I started reading all the Sagas and every thing I could about the viking age about 15 years ago. Nothing was more agravating than going to a web site and finding out there was nothing really true about asatru and that the opinions and information on thier site was lacking in facts truth and usually even reality lol. I live in the eastern middle of theUSA what’s called the bible belt. So finding any scholarly information on this subject around here is damned near impossible I’m sure if the right situation poped up I could read about witch trials and burings right here in our city news paper lol. Ok that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but not as much as you might think. Thank you again what you have done is priceless for some one like me. Its a blessing and I wanted you to know how important your work is to people like me.

  58. Nick Taylor says:

    Hello Maria,
    Could you please let me know how to obtain a copy of your book ‘The Seed of Yggdrasill’?
    There are two or three copies on Amazon at absurd prices. Could I buy a copy direct from yourself?

    Warm wishes,

    Nick Taylor

  59. Hrodberht Slee says:

    Hi Maria,
    Nice site, I learned a lot from it, especially that Odin is connected to hanged men. In my area in the Netherlands we have Megaliths, Passage graves of the same TRB culture as in Germany and Scandinavia. Around these megaliths many grave hills where added up to Anglo-Saxon times (probably more Angel in my area). After reading some of your stories I came up with two questions.

    1) Until today many of these tumuli have a nickname ‘gallows hill’ or a legend attached to it of men hanging themselves. But not many are proven to have had actually gallows. Your story made me wonder, Is there a connection between Wodan (Odin) the shaman who is associated with hanged men and these burial hills ? Are historians interpreting these ‘gallow hill’ nicknames of legends perhaps to literary. Are we actually looking at a long lasting distorted memory about Wodan who takes care of the dead in the tumuli? Are you aware of similar cases in Scandinavia?

    2) Another question is this, we have legends about “Spinne wieven” that is thread spinning woman (I guess Freya). In the real world this used to be the nickname for old experienced midwives but in the legends they are helping women give birth on top of the megalith stones during full moon. There are research papers that claim the opening of the passage graves is orientated towards the moon solstice and equinox. Megaliths are supposed to be places of burial, the graves of the dead ancestors.

    But all the positive myths and local legends around them are about birth, fertility and shamanism. Up to this day parents, like iron pulled to a magnet, let the babies and young kids play on the megalith stones and at night young people go there to get drunk and light fire and perhaps make more babies. Not good for monument protection but maybe a reflection and continuation of their original function? I imagine shamanistic initiation rites into adulthood and rebirth in the presence of ancestors a practice that merged with later influences? I would be interested to hear your opinion on that.


  60. lena says:

    Hi, I love mythology in general and often do a research of mythology, including Old Norse mythology. I know about the Runes and Futhark. Can you tell me if Nordic people had rune which symbolise love/affection or something similar.


  61. Hi, Hope this gets to you, could not find a way to send you a message via Face book, and I felt this is a message left to be private.

    My wife ,who is also a fan of yours, does know this loka/Maridol/Heidi person personally and she has become some what of a nemesis to my wife. My wife has tried to call her out on this, and other bull and has faced the same kind of response you were getting.

    In the east coast of Canada the pagan social groups is small, so although they are separated by a few hours drive this strife has been felt in the heathen community.

    But to get to my point I just wanted to message you and thank you deeply for calling them out on this bull. If you would like to look my wife up on FB Her name is Natasha Durelle ( https://www.facebook.com/natasha.durelle?fref=ts )

    Hope you don’t find this over the line regarding this issue.

    Thanks for your time


  62. David says:

    Read much lately that although Freyja is often depicted as a warlike goddess, there is apparently little evidence for this interpretation and that she was simply the goddess of love, not into battle or warlike. What do you think? Personally I think this chauvinist denigration of Freyja into little more than than a demure sex slave of the gods, diminishes her role and power as a goddess, given that women (shield-maidens) frequently went into battle and that Freyja was associated with the valkyries, and there are many comparable examples of warrior goddesses in other cultures.

  63. Rasmus Erland Hårdråde says:

    Hello. I am a 22-year-old Swedish guy who just found your videos and website. Since a few years back, I’ve been almost obsessed with anything concerning the Old Norse ways. Waving through fiction and fact, connecting the dots myself and learning more about WHY I am so driven and relentlessly seek more information.

    It all started when I was a kid. Now, I’ve always had an “eye” for people. I am very interested in leadership, rhetorics and music… but I never really thought of anything spiritually. I thought my heritage was too hidden and a bunch of barbarians with no deeper meaning to it, and no religion ever hit me in the face, if you know what I mean. But I kept having these “dreams”, which then developed into lucid dreaming. I also experience(d) extremely accurate intuition from no where and felt some sort of “Deja vu” too often. It wasn’t only people, I could literally out of the blue go out in the woods and touch a rock and I’d get this “Deja vu” again. Same with oceans… just certain areas. Anyway…

    When I was a kid, I had these big black crows nesting outside of my window. They’d be there and stare at me, move away, come back, and sit there for hours. I looked at it back, thought it was so cool to see it that closely, then the dreams started. I’d dream of black birds first guiding me somewhere, then being faced with a choice (I don’t know how to explain it, I just know I had a choice). These birds guided me to a giant place with water (I have no idea how to explain it in words, it wasn’t even in a physical form, it was just holding so much water and it felt like the deepest thing I will ever see) where there were millions and millions of birds like them circling. So, the choice being go to the water-place or walk away. I was terrified each time, ’cause this dream haunted me for many years and later turned into lucid variations.. meaning I saw it for “real”. But, each time, I choose to go to the water… and then suddenly all the birds would dive for me and eat me alive.

    Now, I went and had this checked during my teenage years, and the dreaming stopped but then other just weird things started happening like I mentioned. Then, at one point. I had the situation with my intuition and were on a giant mountain (trip with current school) and felt extreme satisfaction and belonging. This is where I started wondering if something was seriously wrong with me, so I googled a lot. And then, I found… well, my heritage.

    Ever since then, I’ve been searching constantly for new information and it inspires me to no end. I thought only music could do this to me, ’cause I’d get my intuition-thing when I played ancient folk music from both Egypt and Asia (I studied music) but this completely altered my life. I just kept reading and reading. I started dwelling a lot with Scandinavian Folkmusic and it just makes “sense”. I feel at “home”. I have no words for this, but when everytime I feel this “home” sensation, my intuition-thing kicks in automatically… and STAYS. It doesn’t leave. This is how I connected the two.

    I’m searching for studies regarding Norse Mythology and Archeology. I can’t seem to find specific courses for the Mythology, but maybe in Norway?

    Anyhow, I really appreciate what you do. When I hear you tell stories and sing, you were meant for this. I can feel it. It’s too much wisdom and way of processing and expressing information for just anyone. Even if it is the computer screen, I don’t care. And I’m a pretty normal guy, all things considered, even if it doesn’t sound like it. It’s just there is something missing in our people and culture today, and I’ve realized what – imagine if people lived headstrong in spiritualism and stories of things bigger and grander than themselves or their iphone?

    If you read, thanks for reading.

  64. Ingwar says:

    Hej Maria
    In one of your videos you mentioned a tribe/group which travelled to “Greece” with an artifact. Do you know what this artifact was? Has it been found? I know you dont always remember what you say in your videos. But, I can’t find anything about this in your texts on your website or in the lore. And thank you for your great videos! // Ingwar of Svea

  65. Nyki says:

    Hello Maria,

    As a fellow artist, writer and constant seeker of wisdom and understanding, I came upon your video series a couple of years ago whilst doing some personal research.

    You see, several years ago I was struck with a rather debilitating chronic illness that continued to worsen, stripping me of my marriage, my job and obviously my health. As most can imagine, I sunk into an equally crippling depression that lasted well over a year. Yes, I am American (unfortunately), but I have been drawn to Old Norse/Viking culture and mythology for as long as I can remember. It has only been these recent years (and with your help) that I have allowed myself to dive in headlong, in an effort to help understand why.

    Now I watch each of your lectures with notebook in hand, much like I did back when I was in University, and have since purchased your book Seed of Yggdrasil. Every page seems to be a wellspring of information and powerful insight. I read with highlighter in hand and a notebook for my own reflections always close by. Your knowledge and wisdom has enriched my life in such a profound way, that it’s difficult to put into words.

    I am simply writing to you because I wish to thank you. You have unknowingly touched my life and become a very significant teacher, helping me more than I can say. I hope to one day publish my own books, and you will most certainly be one of my primary inspirations. Again, thank you. You have my utmost respect and admiration, and I look forward to collecting and reading all of your works.



  66. Orlando Fuchs says:

    Hallo Maria

    I’m Orlando, I’m making in this moment a researching about the birth of the germanic languages, it’s my bachelor Thesis, can you help me with some information about the nordic stream in the way of the linguistic science?

    Takk Fyrir
    Orlando Fuchs, Phylologist in germanic languages

  67. Travis says:

    Hi, I am a big fan of your work. I too am on a path of research and discovery. I once favored the eastern spirituality (Zen)… But in tracing it back to India I found Pantheistic point of view… Early in life i was introduced to Shamanic Arts from my Grandfather(Blue eyed Cherokee). He taught me at a young age because i am a Sleep walker… So with the lessons i became Tuned into “Dreamwalking”, and the sleep walking stopped… until later in life sprang back while i was in Military. Stress related. So i began the Dreamwalking again. I have recently been met with a dream that is more real than most… I feel i have met the old gods. Specifically Odin. Or one of his Aspects-Guises. Now I do have a strong Northern European bloodline, but was never strongly attracted to the typical depiction of the pagan faith. I prefer the Pantheistic view, and the hidden meanings in the Sagas. This Being has made a profound impact on me, i would like a second opinion. i can send a copy of the dream log so far if you would like to read…

  68. Erik Hjelkrem says:

    Hei. Lurte på to ting. Det første var om jeg kunne få kjøpt boken direkte fra deg, og om så du kunne signert den for meg? Vi begynner jo å våkne noen av oss, og det hadde vært fint å ha ett sted å samles hvor vi kan lære om norrøn mytologi, og da helst fra deg….hva tror du om noe slikt?


    Erik Hjelkrem

  69. Thirsty for Mead says:

    I enjoy contemplating the old ways of Europe’s indigenous tribes. And practicing a style of old spirituality in my life. Which continues to grow as time passes. I find great wisdom in old thinking and much inspiration even for a human in a modern technological world. I have been meditating on the meanings of many things. It occurred to me intensely the roots of Yggdrasil are living and growing, so too our fates are living and growing, not set in stone. Our lives were meant to be led in a sacred fashion giving thanks where it is due. On Fjorgyn we fully depend, living in Her womb, only the worthy could be born from there. I am extending a tiny root your way, as a way of saying thanks for your dedication to restoring what was hidden and taken away from us. A lyric or song you may like, The Myrrors -Burning a hole in the sky album, Mother of all Living. If you like it, then I did a good thing. If not, I still thank you.

  70. Mead Guzzler says:

    Hello Maria,
    I really enjoy your work, it has made a large impression on me. I wanted to thank you personally for the countless hours and sacrifice it must have taken to complete so many words thoughtfully written. I think sometimes a person, feels so passionate about what they do, that it allows them to complete great works. I think you are that kind of person. Clearly your work is a great benefit to people like myself who never had deep access into complicated translations and the long overlooked ideas of our ancestors. I have been reading “The Seed of Yggdrasill”, and it has given me so much inspiration spiritually. The concepts have flooded my mind with new ideas and ignited new passion for what I think has always been there, somehow, so strangely, built into my memory. It just feels so comfortable. I realized that our future belongs to us, it is not written in stone, the roots of the tree a living, and so is our fate. I realized that every little thing we do, is sending tiny new roots that could grow much bigger. I realized most people do not get the real reason we are here, and they are disrespecting all those powers. And so much more. You may be able to see that I am a “wyrd” person, and thanks to you, I am now even “wyrder”!! If that was even possible. I liked your music selections, have you ever tried “The Myrrors”? They have some pretty different music like a song called Plateau Skull and some others that have a “mother nature” kind of theme. If you are ever get the chance, which I doubt, message me, I am huge FAN!! THANK YOU!

  71. darren says:

    Hello, I am very interested in your work. I want to buy your books via the platform that gives you the most profit. Should I buy your books through CreateSpace or Amazon?

  72. darren says:


    Which platform is the best one to buy your books via (so as to ensure you receive the most profit)?

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Hello! As my novels and my Poetic Edda books are all published by Createspace, the most common and fast avenue would be through either Createspace or Amazon. This publisher is partly a way of self-publishing, which means that I receive very high royalties. As to The Seed of Yggdrasill, it is published by Whyte Tracks Publishers, and is available either from their own website or through various online bookstores including Amazon. I do not know which avenue yields the highest royalties for me, I think it may be just the same, so please just choose whichever way is the most practical for yourself! Thankyou! :) Maria

  73. linn says:

    Hei Maria, Jeg har i flere år fulgt din you tube kanal, jeg elsker måten du formidler vår Historie på. Så i dag så hadde jeg besøk av min mor og min bror, min bror har minst like stor interesse av historie særlig viking histore, han er også fast metallsøker for fylkesarkeologen i vestfold. Da jeg setter på en av dine you tube videoer, så sier min mor: Men er ikke det Maria, datter til Terje og Gidske? Og etter hva jeg har funnet ut om deg, så er det veldig mulig. I så fall er jeg din tre-mening fra Tønsberg. Linn datter av Steinar Fadum og min bror er Pål. Hvis mine antakelser er riktige så hadde det vært veldig hyggelig og få tatt en prat med deg, da vi har mange like tanker om vår historie. Hvis jeg tar feil med tanke på hvem du er, så beklager jeg bryet, men jeg kommer til å fortsette og følge med på din formidling med stor interesse. Hilsen Linn Fadum

  74. Todd Chilson says:

    I really enjoyed your youtube videos. You are so very beautiful and you tell the stories so well. I think it is your huge smile that really makes me enjoy your videos. You really come across as enjoying telling the stories because of your smile and enthusiasm. I thought this was so different then others, and it made the story telling so much better than others. Will try to read the books later.

  75. Todd Chilson says:

    I enjoyed watching your youtube videos. You told them with just a big wonderful smile that really established your enthusiasm. Made watching the videos all that much better.

  76. Ian White says:

    Hi Maria,

    I’ve only just discovered your site and read a small example of your writing but I’m already transfixed. This is a wonderful discovery and I’d like to know more!

    With that in mind I’d better tell you (as briefly and painlessly as possible!) about myself and why I’m here.

    I’m a writer and author living in Norfolk, UK. My published books are ‘Witchcraft and Black Magic in British Cult Cinema’ and ‘Ghosts & Hauntings in Cult Cinema’ and I’m currently working on a third, ‘Voodoo in Cult Cinema’ (I’m nothing if not predictable!) The thing about these books is, they’re as much about the ‘real world’ history of witchcraft and hauntings as they are about movies, and that’s because I’ve had an interest in the subject my whole life. I’m also a writer and book/film reviewer for ‘Starburst’ magazine and – this is the main reason I’m writing to you – I’ve also done a lot of work for ‘Paranormal Underground’ magazine in the US. My new column ‘Calling the Corners’ was actually launched in this month’s issue and, as you can guess from that title, I’m hoping it’s going to be quite witchcraft-centric.

    I actually found your site because I’m also a screenwriter and I’m currently researching Norse witchcraft for a new film script. I’ve written a lot about European witchcraft but I don’t know very much about the witches and mythology of the Scandinavian countries, which is another big reason why I’ve found your work so exciting.

    I wondered if, at some point over the next few months (and when I’ve had a chance to read more of your work), you’d be interested in being interviewed by me for ‘Paranormal Underground’? Not only am I sure that the readers will be as fascinated by your work and studies as I am but it would also be an opportunity to help promote your books to a US and UK audience who might not be familiar with you yet? We could even include a half-page ad for your books as a way to say thank you.

    You’ll find more about ‘Paranormal Underground’ here: https://www.paranormalunderground.net/
    and if you’d like to read any of my previous writing for the magazine I’d be happy to email some articles and interviews across.

    Let me know what you think, and very very good luck with everything you do.

    Best Wishes,

  77. Erika Maizi says:

    Hi Maria, I am ever so inspired by your youtube channel!
    Ever since I picked up the thread last year and went back to my roots in Russia, Kasakshtan and Mongolia, the Norse Verdanti is speaking to me,esp. when I am embroidering, see my crodfundingcampaign here: https://www.startnext.com/wurzeln-und-fluegel-durch-sticken-auf-reisen#_=_. I will return back to the Alteimountains this summer to continue to explore and learn the traditional crafts of embroidery in an Anastasiavillage (do you know the Anastasiabooks by Wladimir Megre?).I want to do a PHD doctoral studies looking at the language of symbols in traditional embroidered textiles. Since women have not written but stitched, sewed, woven, I like to start to comply a library/database of symbols. Maybe we can do a collaborative research together?I have a proposal,too. If you tell me how I can best contact you, I can send it to you. With high appreciation for your work, Erika

  78. elena albanese says:

    Hi Maria,
    I’m darktear83 from DA, I saw today you wrote me back a while ago linking to me the repost of my image. I’m so sorry I didn’t track messages anymore as I’m not using da anymore I’m afraid and I just saw it today. Anyway I’d like to thank you and to say to you that I saw the video you posted and it was so interesting so I think I’ll keep following and discovering your amazing work. Thank you

  79. Hej Mari errrh Freyia,
    I really love your spoken videos about the aspects of old norse myths, names and all that. I am an artist that works on melanges of old inspiration in modern context. As I am an heathen or pagan (both swearwords for “nature religious” people) I try not to be one of those working with half-knowledge and gossip). In forums I had been shitstormed, because I mentioned that writing modern language with runes is a challenge because of the modern pronounciations and spelling modern words. It needs double characters which means double written runes. You do not have Umlauts or like sh, German soft or hard kh (ch) etc… I am not sure if there is a writing for short and long vowels. If you keep that in mind runes had to be “refreshed” like often done in history… Are there any futharks that suit modern German or English? IMHO English may is simpler because they already have own futhark.
    I mention this here because I like to include proper rune spelling in my artwork. What is the better way: develop changes to meet the above listed sounds or is there a spelling to use elder or younger futhark properly in modern context?

    Are there any plans to translate your books? I’ld love to get a German copy.


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