Wardruna lyrics – Rotlaust Tre Fell English Translation

Rotlaust tre fell ——--“Rootless tree falls”

(By Wardruna – lyrics translated casually by Maria Kvilhaug aka Ladyofthe Labyrinth)


Kom Austre—————--Come Eastern
Kom gryande dag———-Come dawn
kom fedre og mødre av—Come fathers and mothers
Høgtimbra ætter———--of high lineages
Kom hanar i heimar tri—-.Come roosters into three worlds


Kom allfader Odin———Come all-father Odin
Kom moder min Frigg—--Come mother mine Frigg
Kom vise vanar————Come wise vanir
Kom utgamle thursar—--Come ancient thurses
Om frøa er ber————-If seeds are fruits
syng den song————--sing that song
som i fordums liv avla—--that once made life


Ask standande————-The standing ash
heitir Yggdrasil————-is called Yggdrasill
Tronar eviggrøn————eternally greened enthroned
yvir Urdarbrønn————above Urd´s well


Høyr meg alle————--hear me all
Søner åt Heimdall———sons of Heimdall


Statt upp or svevna—--Stand up from your sleep
Gjev kraft til rota——--Give power to the root
kvasst den eldest——-sharp the oldest
av ormar som————of vipers that
gneg i grunna————-gnaw from the ground


Tri nornar eg ber———I pray to three norns
at liv skal du spinne—--that you shall spin life
Tri nornar eg ber———I pray to three norns
at liv skal du tvinne—--that you shall spin life
Tri norner eg ber——-I pray to three norns
at liv skal du binde—--that you shall bind life
…binde til rota…——--bind to the root


Æsir nornir—————Aesir, norns
visa Vanir—————-wise Vanir
thursamøyir————thurse maidens
thrá valkyrjur———-yearning valkyriur
alvar dvergar———-elves, dwarfs
disir völvur————-goddesses and witches
vordar verger———high protectors of



19 Responses to Wardruna lyrics – Rotlaust Tre Fell English Translation

  1. Eugen says:

    Tri nornar eg ber———I pray to three norns
    at liv skal du spinne—–that you shall spin life
    Tri nornar eg ber———I pray to three norns
    at liv skal du tvinne??????—–that you shall spin????? life

    • Maria Kvilhaug says:

      Yes? Is that such a weird translation? I could have used “wind” or “coil” or “twist the threads of…”, but the meaning is the same; spinning, as in fibers being coiled,winded and twisted and twined into threads. Fibers of life. I am Norwegian and we use the word “tvinne” as a synonym for “spinne” (to spin).

      • Tobbun says:

        Possible word: entwine.

        Because first you spin one thread, but that thread alone can’t hold much, so you spin another and entwine them to make stronger yarn. Entwine enough threads and you’ll have rope.

      • dtm says:

        I’d go with “that you shall twine life”.

    • Michael Angell says:


      The direct translation to English is:

      Tri nornar eg ber – Three Norns I ask/pray/bid/carry/berries
      At liv skal du spinne – That life shall you spin (from a Spinning Wheel)
      At liv skal du tvinne – That life shall you twine/entwine (with a Loom)
      At liv skal du binde – That life shall you bind
      …binde til rota

      Use wikipedia if you don’t know what a Spinning Wheel or a Loom is.

      The proper translation to English is:

      To the three Norns (Urd, Skuld, Verdandi) I ask, that life you shall spin
      To the three Norns (Urd, Skuld, Verdandi) I ask, that life you shall entwine
      To the three Norns (Urd, Skuld, Verdandi) I ask, that life you shall bind
      …bind to the root (of Yggdrasil)

      It makes sense in Norwegian, poetically, but not in every-day-speech.

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  3. RDC says:

    When making rope, you first spin the fibers, then twist the twine into rope, then tie knots to bind things together.

    Spin. Twine. Bind.

    Individual fates spun with each other, twined into the rope of our Peoples, bound together in common purpose.

  4. George says:

    Thank You!

  5. papieżskurwiel says:

    Does anyone know what is told at the end of this song? It’s also in old norse but neither lyrics contain that

  6. Guntheren says:

    Kom Austre—————–Come Eastern…???Austre is not the Christian Feast of Eastern in this Context…but Ostara the Feast of Spring..it´s named after the Goddess

  7. fenrii says:

    What does they scream at the end?

  8. Frank says:

    Anyone know the translation for the very last part? What are they yelling at the end?

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  10. Einherjar says:

    I don’t know if the author is still active on this, but maybe it’ll help someone else anyway

    I would assume the 6th verse is about sowing or carving out a life for yourself. And that the roots are those of either Yggdrasill or your ancestors.

    Spinne = Spin
    Tvinne = Braid/Twine
    I would assume it’s about sowing, as in you make your own living and your own life.

    These lyrics were written in modern time (But is inspired by older Norse sagas such as “Vǫluspá”) so they’re not that hard to translate if you know Norwegian.

    I also noticed a typo in the 4th line of the second verse. It says “utgamle” but I believe it’s supposed to say: urgamle

    Hope this helps :)

  11. Emil says:

    Does anyone know what they are shouting at the end of the song? Have never found any lyrics which include the last “shouted” part.

  12. vit says:

    What words in the end? the lasts?
    Thank you, bless!

  13. Köwalð Læntir says:

    Haha… It’s funny ’cause everybody tries to correct the sentences, but NOONE knows what do they say at the end screaming.

  14. Norsen says:

    I tried to listen to the ending in different speeds and I got this:

    “Vordar vergar, kom til meg, kom til mine, kom til vilje!”

    “High protectors, come to me, come to mine, come to will!”

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